Accounting and administration

We control and manage all the accounting movements of the community.

We provide advice at all Boards and meetings that the Board of Directors deems appropriate.

We also offer services such as:

-Management of collection of receipts, control and payment of the economic obligations of the community, annual settlement of accounts, management of books and necessary accounting documents, based on the General Accounting Plan.
-Accountability of the administrative and accounting management before the ordinary annual meeting of owners.
-Billing and issuance of receipts to each of the owners, as well as their collection management.
-Control and management of payment to suppliers.
-Supervision of the reading of the water meters.
-Representation of the community in local entities.
-Supervision, control and contracting of service companies.
-Connection with a bank or savings bank through the internet.
-Preparation of economic and financial reports.
-Virtual Office Service (OFFICE 24 HOURS through our page www.administradoresdefincasdelatlantico.com) with personalized Username and Password, for viewing pending receipts from owners and access to documentation of interest (Minutes and calls, Community Board, etc. .).

Administrators of Fincas del Atlántico
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