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  Community´s total management.  
In our company, we develop a global, personalized and professional service. Therefore we offer to our clients the best human team, with a consultant specifically designated for the attention of the community.

Our total management service includes presence in the community according to the needs for the supervising of the contracted services.

We manage ordinary and extraordinary meetings with the corresponding records and advise on legal matters and internal administration to the executive members, as well as owners about their relationship with the community.

We also provide a channel of communication for the virtual contact and attention, or telephone communication in our offices, to ALL owners, whether or not members of the Executive Board.

  Supervision to the property Maintenance  

To ensure the efficient maintenance of your community we offer you the following services:

  • Periodic inspection of the contracted services.
  • Supervision to technical revisions that affect the community.
  • Management of repairs and claims.
  Accounting and administration  
We carry out the control and management of all financial movements of the community.

We provide advice on all meetings that the executive members consider appropriate.

We also offer services such as:

  • Bills collections Management, control and payment of bills and financial payments of annual accounts settlement community, management books and accounting documents, following the General Accounting Plan.
  • Accountability of administrative management during the AGM (Ordinary meeting)
  • Billing and issuance of receipts to each owners, as well as the collection of these.
  • Control to the fond reserve.
  • Control and management over suppliers payments.
  • Supervising over water account meter Reading.
  • Representing the community in front of the municipal authorities.
  • Supervising, control and recruitment of services companies.
  • Connection to bank or Saving bank through internet.
  • Elaboration about financial reports.
  • Virtual office service (24 H OFFICE through our web page with Personal User and Code to see the unpaid receipts and access to interesting documents (Minutes and requests, Notice Board etc...).

  Legal services  
Administradores de Fincas del Atlántico advises any legal doubt about community. Through our juridical service we offer you solutions about potential conflicts and maintain a pleasant conviviality among the owners.

We put at your disposal a service with a direct control over unpaid, claiming it on the debtors and realizing the judicial process when appropriate, and charging all the costs to them. The attorney fees are not paid by the community, but by the owner.

Also, to ensure a better service we offer advice to solve any doubt or legal type incidence with personal attention or through our website.
  Human resources  
  Our counselling service over administrative management to the employees in the community offers:  
  • Briefs and letters relating to the personnel management: sanctions, dismissals and faults.
  • Payroll, social insurance, newsletters, model contracts, renewals, models 110 and 190, deductions certificates, etc.


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